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Warmaster Ancients

Based off of the popular fantasy system, Warmaster Ancients and its cousin, Warmaster Medieval, are two of our most popular sets of rules that we play. WMA uses a system where each unit consists of three stands and uses a simple, but effective command & control system. Each unit is rated for attack, armor, shooting, and special abilities such as skirmishers, phalanx, unreliable, etc. Commanders are assigned a command value which is used to determine if their orders to units go through successfully or not. This produces a very fun and fast moving game that looks and feels like an ancients battle where even larger games rarely last more than four hours. All of the armies in the images are 10mm figures from Old Glory and Magistar Militum with the buildings being the 10mm desert villages from Paper Terrain.

WMM: Crusades Battle


Saracens and Crusaders

With more units being added to our Crusader and Saracen forces, it was time to set up an even larger battle. Not only that, it was our first chance to use the new sand mat that I had created! We went with 2200 points each, which for the Saracens meant a whopping 30 units, which was enough for three players. Naturally this was offset by the Crusaders with their heavier armor and cavalry. After setting up the various commands we started the battle. While the Saracens got off to a reasonably good start, the Crusaders took some time to get going. There was a string of cavalry combats which saw both sides exchange losses while the infantry moved up. Several times the Crusaders had chances to do some severe damage to the Saracen right and experienced command failures at the worst possible times. Both sides were at the halfway point to breaking as most of the combat had been on the flanks, which had been pretty heavy at times. The center of each army sat staring at each other for three turns before both sides decided at the same time to finish each other off. There was a tremendous clash of infantry as both sides tried to deal the fatal blow to each other. However, the Saracens had one incredible turn where they scored an incredibe percentage of hits and saves, which pushed back the entire Crusader line. The Crusaders tried to cave in the Saracen right flank one more time, but horrific die rolls put an end to that strategy. In the center the Saracens continued to press the attack and finally borke the Crusaders, which ended the game. Overall it was a much different game than we've seen, with both sides staying in their battle lines for most of the game. Despite the large number of units we had the game done in around 3 1/2 hours and it was a lot of fun.

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