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Warmaster Ancients

Based off of the popular fantasy system, Warmaster Ancients and its cousin, Warmaster Medieval, are two of our most popular sets of rules that we play. WMA uses a system where each unit consists of three stands and uses a simple, but effective command & control system. Each unit is rated for attack, armor, shooting, and special abilities such as skirmishers, phalanx, unreliable, etc. Commanders are assigned a command value which is used to determine if their orders to units go through successfully or not. This produces a very fun and fast moving game that looks and feels like an ancients battle where even larger games rarely last more than four hours. All of the armies in the images are 10mm figures from Old Glory and Magistar Militum with the buildings being the 10mm desert villages from Paper Terrain.

7th Annual WMA Tournament


Annual Club Tournament Report

What started as an opportunity to play several battles in one day has now become an annual ritual. With 10 armies to choose from now, the annual WMA tournament has evolved into a more serious event. This year we went with 750 points per army plus one free general. Each player also received three territories from the campaign system in the second WMA book that basically gives each army three extra units. This means that we field armies of around 12-16 units and can be done with each battle in around 90 minutes. It is a round robin type tournament where and awards given for the top three finishers and the Master of Mayhem award that goes to the player who caused the most casualties during the tournament. The armies this year consisted of Indians, Successors, Hittites, and Romans, which is a good mix of different styles, which is one of the unique challenges of this type of tournament.
The battles certainly showed some ingenuity in tactics, horrific die rolling, units that surpassed all expectations, and the wild swings of fortune that we're accustomed to seeing in this tournament!

In the end it was the Hittites that prevailed, which meant that for the second straight year they've done pretty good, especially for an unarmored horde of infantry and archers with light chariots! Not only that, they won the Master of Mayhem award by inflicting horrific casualties on their opponents, particularly my poor Indian army that went 0-3 during the afternoon. The Hittites finished in 1st, closely followed by the Successors in 2nd and the Romans in 3rd. The Indians went winless yet again, although they did have a fight to the death with the Romans that had a pretty high body count! Overall, it was another fun tournament that was finished in just around 4 hours, with everyone fighting three battles, which is pretty good for any type of miniatures game. In fact, we're getting so fast at this that we're talking about going up to 1,000 points next year to add some variety to the units chosen for each army.

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