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The Sword & The Flame is probably the most popular set of colonial rules ever written and is now well over 4 decades old! It is a man to man system or as we like to say "quasi-skirmish" as platoons are of 20 men with two platoons in a company. It is a fast paced skirmish game that uses cards to activate units for moving and shooting. Movement is randomized with a number of D6s rolled depending upon a unit's formation and the terrain they are in, while combat uses D20s for shooting and D6s for hand to hand. This creates a wild, "Hollywood" type colonial skirmish game (especially when using the Event Deck) where weird things happen, but everyone has a great time playing.

TSATF: Fighting Withdrawal


Withdrawal Turns Into a Rout

Balancing out a TSATF game is virtually impossible due to all of the random factors during a game. The best you can do is hope things turn out well and that everyone has fun! In this scenario a British-Indian force is withdrawing to a safer base when they are attacked by several Pathan tribes. The Pathans got some pretty good card draws and quickly overwhelmed one of the British infantry platoons wile the other turned to face other attackers. There was a mad scramble as the British and Indians tried to extricate themselves from this trap and set up a base of fire on the other side of a river. While the screw gun battery did that and the Sikh lancers dismounted to take cover, the Pathans pressed the attack. Despite severe casualties, they pushed the British further and further back. At first it looked like an all out slaughter, but then the Indians and Pathans started doing some real damage and maybe the tables had turned. But is was not to be. The Pathans got a great series of cards, then some hot dice in the hand to hand combat two turns in a row. The British and Indians would get a few survivors back to base, but for the most part the entire force was surrounded and cut down. A chaotic, but pretty fun scenario.

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