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Tricorne is a modified set of Seven Years War rules that derived from Shako (for Napoleonics). At this time there are only Jpegs of the rules (makes printing them a bit difficult), which are fopur reference cards to go along with a set of Shako rules. In reality, the reference cards are all that you really need. Units are battalions of infantry, regiments of cavalry, and batteries of artillery, which also include battalion guns. All combat uses 1D6, which was a bit weird, but it works. The initiative, orders, and melee systems are pretty interesting and it does force players to act like generals of the period, which was one of the things that we like about the rules.

7YW-Trying Something New


Reichsarmee Attacks the Redoubt

Recently, we've embarked on a "Holy Grail" type quest to find a set of Seven Years War rules that do a better job of reflecting the period. Whenter it's the rules or just our playing style is yet to be determined! This time we used a version of Shako called Tricorne. An enterprising gamer created several nicely done reference cards based upon the Shako rules, so we decided to give them a try. For this battle (and you need a lot of units for these rules) we brought out all of the new and older figures, which is why some ases aren't even flocked. Getting the units set up and the labels onto the bases took some time, but we were able to get through a number of turns. We chose a historical battle between the Reichsarmee and the Prussians, which in the end worked out well. The Prussians were able to hold the redoubt rather easily, while they were also swept off the hill on the right flank, which is what historically occurred. We did like that the game "looked" like a Seven Years War battle and units can die pretty fast and in droves. However, we liked what we saw so far and my guess is that we'lll give this another go at some point. The full battle report will be in Warning Order #65.

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