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The Sword & The Flame is probably the most popular set of colonial rules ever written and is now well over 4 decades old! It is a man to man system or as we like to say "quasi-skirmish" as platoons are of 20 men with two platoons in a company. It is a fast paced skirmish game that uses cards to activate units for moving and shooting. Movement is randomized with a number of D6s rolled depending upon a unit's formation and the terrain they are in, while combat uses D20s for shooting and D6s for hand to hand. This creates a wild, "Hollywood" type colonial skirmish game (especially when using the Event Deck) where weird things happen, but everyone has a great time playing.

TSATF: One Wild Night!


British-Indian Attack Goes Horribly Wrong

Back to the Northwest Frontier where this time a combined British and Indian force had to not only resuce a besieged outpost, but arrest the leader of a tribal uprising. Things went wrong for the British right from the start as a serious attack developed on the British left. We were playing with the Event Deck and decided to pull an event each turn, which wasn't the smartest idea as almost all the events went against the British! Water problems, officers losing their heads, defective cannon ammunition, wind storms, and more plagued the British force all night. There were some real exciting charges, fights over walls, cavalry charges, and more that reminded us that we really need to play this game a lot more! The deciding factor was when a wild fire event occurred and started to move across the board. By the end of the game it had overrun the outpost that the British forces were supposed to rescue! While the British defeated several large attacks, by the end if the game they were carrying more wounded than they had effectives. One last attack cleared a building next to the compound where the leader was located, but the British attack simply could go no further. At that point we had to stop the game and it was declared a Pathan victory.

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