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Battles For Empire 2nd edition is an operational scale set of Victorian era colonial rules suitable for the Zulu War, Sudan campaigns, Northwest Frontier, Boxer Rebellion, and other conflicts of the era. Most units are four bases strong, representing a company of infantry or squadron of cavalry and the rules are suitable for all miniature scales. The movement system has a Fire & Fury feel to it, with each unit rolling on a chart to see how far they move and/or if they rally from combat results. The charts do a great job os simulating sudden native rushes that were a critical aspect of colonial warfare. Our group uses 15mm figures, but we base them on 25mm stands, which gives each infantry or cavalry unit 24 figures, which seems to look very good on the tabletop. RIght now we only have armies for the Sudan, but are looking at other wars.

BFE2: Sprung The Trap Too Early


Anglo-Egyptian Attack From The Flank

Hard to believe it's been almost 18 months since our last BFE2 game! In this scenario the local train used to support offensive operations has been under fire from some entrenched positions on a ridge. British forces, including some Sudanese and Indian units, have assembled to attack the position in the flank. However, a large Mahdist force has gathered, knowing that their enemy will be forced to attack to reopen the rail line. The Anglo-Egyptian forces started off in a large square with cavalry support, but after a few moves broke into individual companies. That's when the Mahdists decided to launch their all out attack, which was way too early instead of letting them advance into the rocky areas before attacking. Too late! The attacks went in and were met with a hail of firepower, destroying entire units (good die rolls!). There were some touch and go situations, inlcuding a series of fanatic charges that got right up to the firing line, but these were defeated in melee. The squadron of Bengal Lancers performed several charges, creating a huge traffic jam that prevented the Mahdists from overwhelming that side of the board. A pretty good sized battle that ended up as an Anglo-Egyptian victory.

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