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Based off of the popular Avalon Hill board game Mustangs, Phantoms is essentially a jet age version of the system. Phantoms is designed for group play, with each player easily being able to handle two jets and sometimes more if needed. Each jet tracks its speed, altitude, and weapons on a data sheet that has everything needed for play. Each jet sets out maneuver markers, which dictates where the the aircarft will turn or conduct a maneuver. All sighting, combat, etc., is through a series of opposed die rolls using a D10. The system plays fast and furious, plus it is great for convention games or introducing new gamers to jet combat. Phantoms is free from this web site and includes all of the rules, charts, and tables needed to play. Our group uses 1/300th scale aircraft along with a mat marked in 5 inch hexes.

Phantoms: Meeting Engagement


F-4Cs Rule The Skies

Back to the skies over North Vietnam and this time it would be F-4Cs going up against Mig-21s and Mig-19s. This was going to be difficult from the start as not only were the Migs facing F-4s, I had to run all four Migs plus the game charts! It's always hard to impose rules of engagement on the F-4s as they are very powerful in the game, but we used the sighting rules and stipulated they couldn't fire until all targets were visually identified. The F-4s easily got radar locks on alll four MIgs, but had a tough time getting visual I.D. until they closed the range. That didn't stop the first pair of F-4s from launching a volley of AIM-7s that obliterated a Mig-19 from the sky and all of a sudden it was 4 against 3! The F-4s and the Migs danced around for several turns, with the Migs dodging a few cannon shots as well as more Sparrows.

The Migs' luck ran out when a F-4 got in behind one and got off a Sidewinder that caused an incredible 7 damage points plus a few critical hits that destroyed one of the Mig-21s. Now it was 4 against 2 and the handwriting was on the wall. The Migs did get off a few cannon shots, but they were at bad angles and they were left on the defensive. The F-4s caught one in a tight turn way out in front and shot it down with another Sparrow, then the final Mig decided it was time to go home.

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