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Based off of the popular Warmaster Fantasy rules, this version adds most armies from the Classica, Dark Ages, and Medieval periods. Each unit consists of three stands with a simple, but every effective command and control system that creates a unique level of chaos. Each army is led by a general and several leaders, plus a set number of units that must be in the army, leaving the remaining points up to the players to choose their forces. We use 10mm figures by Old Glory, Magistar Militum, Minifigs, and Kallistra. We find that WMA and WMM are fast playing, a lot of fun, and is certainly suitable for large groups where we occasionally use up to 2500 points per side.


WMA: Seleucid Victory!


Close Battle Between Romans and Seleucids

Although we've had several battles between the Imperial Romans and the Seleucids (sorry, no Republican Romans just yet), the Seleucids have never faired well against them, eking out a victory here and there, but usually on the final turn or on a critical roll of the dice. For this battle we added some rough terrain to liven things up a bit and the Seleucids went with their "heavy" lineup, featuring two units of elephants, cataphracts, and Thorakites while the Romans went with their basic list. At first it looked like the Seleucids would lose with some really bad command rolls and virtually no saves in their first few combats,. but then things turned around quickly. The Seleucids could do no wrong and several critical charges went their way. All of a sudden one of the Roman flanks was in a shambles and the other could get no traction, leaving the remaining forces to cluster in a wall formation near the center. The Seleucids continued the attack, keeping up pressure all along the lines and grinding the Romans down. In the end it was a Seleucid victory and closer than it looked.

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