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Blitzkrieg Commander 2 has quickly become our preferred set of WW2 rules for operational level scenarios. BKC 2 revolves around its command system, which while simple in concept, is very effective for this level of combat. The rules cover close assaults, scheduled bombardments, engineering, and more in an organized fashion that makes the system easy to grasp and highly suitable for group play. There are extensive army lists that cover the period from the Spanish Civil War to the end of WW2 with stats for every vehicle, artillery piece, or type of infantry that served in the war. Very similar to the Warmaster system, so if you've played that you can transition quickly to BKC 2.

BKC2: U.S. Armored Attack


First Time Using U.S. Forces w/BKC2

Although we've been playing BKC for a number of years, we had yet to actually use any U.S. forces. Gary was able to finally get enough stuff for a 4 player game, so we quickly came up with a scenario where the U.S. side needed to seize two objectives that would be heavily defended by German forces. The U.S. side had an advantage in armor, plus the Germans were pretty spread out. The first few turns didn't go too well for the U.S., as long range German AT fire knocked out several armor units. Then several U.S. commands got caught in a traffic jam in a gap between two sections of woods and were pounded mercilessly by German artillery. The barrages knocked out several armor units and supressed the U.S. commanders in that area for several turns. They finally got themselves sorted out and were able to launch a series of assaults on the objectives with their infantry that slowly carrried the day. The Germans tried to rearange their defenses and counterattack, but poor command rolls doomed their effort. Overall it was a very fun and fast moving game leaving us wanting to try the U.S forces sometime soon again.

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