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Ronin is a relatively new set of rules for skirmish actions in Feudal Japan. Each player has a small group that ranges from as few as three models up to as as large as fifteen. Each model is rated for their rank, fighting skills, initiative, and armor, which are used in shooting and melee. The game features a unique combat system where each player draws a number of attack and defense markers that affect the number of attacks as well as modifiers to the various die rolls. There are several army lists as well as a simple campaign system. Ronin is a very fast playing set of rules that are highly suitable for group games. The rules are very easy to get into and each player only needs a few models and some terrain for a game.

Four Sided Ronin Battle


Village Raid Gone Horribly Wrong

When we're looking for something on short notice we usually turn towards Warmaster Ancients, BKC2, etc., but lately we've also used Ronin for this role. Rob did a little more than usual, however, and had different goals and objectives for each player. This was to initially be a three player fight, with one player controlling a raiding force that definitely had the advantage in numbers, another player controlling the Sohei at a local temple, and yet another player controlling the lord's personal retinue whoe were guarding the village while he was away. There were also a number of civilians about as well, plus everyone had multiple objectives.

Naturally, chaos ensued, particularly when it was revealed that some of the civilians were ninja in disguise! So, you had the lord's retinue trying to get his wife and kid back to the house, the Sohei trying to get all of the villagers back to the temple, the ninja pretty much fighting anyone they came across, and then finally the bandits who were trying to kill anything that moved! What a mess! However, it was a really fun fight that in the end saw the bandits defeated, but just barely. The game saw everything, from multiple melees to an archery duel where no one could hit anything! It was a good battle that including set up and take down, lasted a little more than two hours, which seemed just about right for this size of skirmish.

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