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Battlegroup Panzergrenadier is set of WW2 operational rules that focuses on command & control. Each turn one side or the other will achieve initiative, which will give them higher impetus points than their opponent. These points enable each side to do certain things and even influence command rolls during the turn. Each command stand is activated via command roll, then can perform certain orders for the units that it commands. The combat system is desinged by the amount of firepower put out towards a target, which results in units being supressed, disengaged, or dispersed (eliminated). The system is fairly easy to grasp after a few turns players can generally just use the charts from the game.

German Forest Attack


1st Game w/Battlegroup Panzergrenadier

Yes, we can't seem to settle one one set of rules for WW2, or for that matter, one scale either! This night it was back to 15mm for our first playtest of Battlegroup Panzergrenadier. The scenario was set in 1944 with the Germans launching an infantry heavy attack with armor support into a forested area defended by units of the American army. Naturally, having never played before it did take a few turns for everyone to understand what was going on, but after that things picked up. The Germans moved up quickly and attacked all across the front line, with the American left getting especially hard hit. Here the Germans committed a platoon of Jgpz IVs to the attack, but the American units held firm for quite some time, despite being outgunned.

On the American right the Germans moved a company of infantry along a stream which enabled them to move quickly without any casualties, then launch an attack that at first looked as if it would swamp the American defenders in that sector. The Americans, however, held firm, despite quite a few casualties. When the game was called due to the lateness of the hour, the Americans just received two platoons of Shermans which were racing to the front. To be continued....

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