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Ronin is a relatively new set of rules for skirmish actions in Feudal Japan. Each player has a small group that ranges from as few as three models up to as as large as fifteen. Each model is rated for their rank, fighting skills, initiative, and armor, which are used in shooting and melee. The game features a unique combat system where each player draws a number of attack and defense markers that affect the number of attacks as well as modifiers to the various die rolls. There are several army lists as well as a simple campaign system. Ronin is a very fast playing set of rules that are highly suitable for group games. The rules are very easy to get into and each player only needs a few models and some terrain for a game.

Ronin Mounted Attack


Samurai vs. Peasants vs. Monks

First off, the images didn't come out that great this time and I think it's because I didn't use the lighting very effectively, so my apologies. Although we've played Ronin a few times, we've never used the mounted rules, so this would be an interesting scenario to try them. Basically, it was a three sided fight, or at least that's how it started out. A mounted samurai force intent upon destroying a temple was ambushed by a large force of peasants and archers, then the monks decided to throw in with the peasants and the battle was on! There were 8 mounted samurai, which on the surface would seem like a powerful force that would cut through anything on the board, but this was definitely not the case.

For one thing the samurai had some horrific die rolling and while they chopped up the peasants pretty good, they were so beaten down that when it came time to fight the small unit of monks they were easy prey. The battle featured several pretty good one on one fights that went for a few turns and it gets pretty interesting when you start having multiple matchups where each side gets a large number of defend/attack stones. Overall, this was a fun, sharp little fight that ended up as a samurai loss and a few lessons learned about mounted combat in Ronin.

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