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Age of Eagles

Age of Eagles is one of our favorite sets of rules and we were one of the original playtesting groups. Very similar to Fire & Fury ACW in game mechanics, particularly in terms of movement, firing, and melee. The main differences are the scale of the units, with each stand being around 350 men and each cavalry stand around 160, so much bigger than its ACW cousin. The other big difference is the use of reserve and tactical zones, which gives gamers the feel of the battles of the period, where large units in reserve would move up into the combat area. The game is a little more complex than basic F&F, but most gamers can figure out the system relatively quickly and just use the charts by the end of the thier first battle.

Age of Eagles 1813 Battle


Alternative Liebertwolkwitz

Everyone has been wanting to try Age of Eagles again, since it's been awhile, so it was back to the 1813 period. The subject this time would be an alternative opening to the three day battle of Leipzig. Instead of the massed cavalry action at Liebertwolkwitz, there would be some cavalry, but primarily an infantry action, particularly on the French side. The Austrians weren't due for several turns, so we spent a good portion of the first night setting out the Poles, French, Prussians, and Russians that would be there. We also took some liberties with the map as the millions of roads were pretty much impossible to recreate on the tabletop and in AOE with this much stuff on the board it wasn't going to make a lot of difference. Also, getting all of the troops organized and the labels on the right units did take some time!

Once the battle started it became apparent that the Russians had overplayed their hand of having a lot of stuff, but with nowhere to deploy it! Most of the Russians should have stayed to the rear, but we got the reserve and tactical zones too intermingled and progress was slow. When we called the game the Allies were beginning to get themselves sorted out and try to push the French cavalry back on their supports. There's a long way to go with this one....

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