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WMM: Crusades

Based off of the popular fantasy system, Warmaster Ancients and its cousin, Warmaster Medieval, are two of our most popular sets of rules that we play. WMA uses a system where each unit consists of three stands and uses a simple, but effective command & control system. Each unit is rated for attack, armor, shooting, and special abilities such as skirmishers, phalanx, unreliable, etc. Commanders are assigned a command value which is used to determine if their orders to units go through successfully or not. This produces a very fun and fast moving game that looks and feels like an ancients battle where even larger games rarely last more than four hours.

Crusades Counterattack


Saracens Never Really Get Going

After a massive painting binge for the Saracens, where we now have 3,000 points (yes, that's a lot of Saracens!) we decided to do another WMM Crusades game. The Crusaders went with their standard 2,000 point force, which contained several units of heavy cavalry while the Saracens thought that they would experiment with an infantry heavy army. The Saracens still had several units of cavalry, just not the horde that they could have had. The game started pretty good for the Saracens, moving out most units quickly and firmly establishing themselves in the center of the board and a strong presence on the left side. With the first exchange of missile fire and a heavy cavalry attack things were looking good for the Saracens. They even launched a flank attack, which if it had worked, might have ended the game early in a Saracen victory. The Crusaders then counterattacked with several powerful knight units, sweeping aside the Saracen front lines. Some bad die rolling at the wrong times then led to a series of Crusader melee victories and the Saracens were reduced to plugging holes with some very average infantry, who got chewed up in the process. The Saracens tried to stabilize things with some cavalry charges, but those were repelled and the Crusaders went on a rampage, breaking the Saracen army.

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