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Fire & Fury

Fire & Fury ACW is a set of rules with each unit a brigade or battery of artillery and it has spawned a number of similar rules (Age of Eagles, Battles For Empire, etc.) that use it's command, movement, and morale system as their basis. This allows for large battles that involve multiple corps to be fought to completion in 4-5 hours, making it a great game for group play. Although we like tactical level games such as Johnny Reb, Fire & Fury is easy to set up, easy to teach, and we can finish a game in one night, which is hard to do with other sets of ACW rules. There are several scenario books available for F&F, which are great for helping gamers to organize their armies or to set up quick games. We use 15mm figures from Blue Moon, Old Glory, Essex, and even a few old Minifigs here and there for our ACW games.

Seven Pines/Fair Oaks Pt. 2


Early Fire & Fury ACW Battle

The second night of our battle opened up with Huger's division flanking the Union position at the crossroads. After a nerve wracking three turns the Confederate forces took the crossroads on the final turn before nightfall! There was about an hour long lull in the batle while we fiddled with the night turn rules that saw each side draw back to new lines to continue the fight on the second day. The Union received some much needed reinforcements and they opened up the second day with a dawn attack all across their lines. There were several attacks that definitely had a chance of scoring a major breakthrough and only through bad die rolling were they stopped! The highlight of the second day was Hood's Texans taking the brunt of the Union attack on that flank, repulsing two charges and then counterattacking, which pushed the Union forces back to their starting points. After another turn or so it was apparent that the Union was not going to be able to retake either crossroads so the game was declared a CSA victory, albeit just barely. This was a close fought battle with some heavy casualties on both sides. The terrain was pretty difficult to move through with very limited fields of fire and playing with a lot of green forces was definitely a challenge! The Union forces had a few die rolls that failed at the wrong time or the game could easily have gone the other way. The Fire & Fury rules do a great job of simulating the to and fro of ACW fighting, giving both sides multiple chances for victory.

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