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Battlegroup Panzergrenadier is set of WW2 operational rules that focuses on command & control. Each turn one side or the other will achieve initiative, which will give them higher impetus points than their opponent. These points enable each side to do certain things and even influence command rolls during the turn. Each command stand is activated via command roll, then can perform certain orders for the units that it commands. The combat system is desinged by the amount of firepower put out towards a target, which results in units being supressed, disengaged, or dispersed (eliminated). The system is fairly easy to grasp after a few turns players can generally just use the charts from the game.

Russian Armored Attack Pt. 1


Battlegroup Panzergrenadier in 1/285th

What started out as a project using 15mm figures and vehicles has now moved into trying this set of rules in 1/285th scale! It certainly allows for larger battles, which is exactly what we had for the first of a two night affair. The Russians are driving on a German position, but have faulty recon reports that says that there is a small village and clear terrain beyond. Actually, there is a quite sizeable town there in the middle of the board and a stream with only one crossing beyond, which greatly aided in the German defense set up. The Russians set up a two pronged attack, both which had powerful armored forces along with tank riding infantry.

At first nothing could go right for the Germans as a platoon of PZIVHs were quickly set afire and the Russian juggernaught rolled on. On the German left, however, a platoon of Stug IIIs forced the Russians to halt in their tracks and in effect created a large traffic jam in that area. The Russians on the German left then ran into a platoon of Panthers which was their misfortune. The Russian attack came to a halt as they tried to maneuver sufficient armor units to overwhelm the Panthers. At the end of the first night the Germans are holding, but have lost several tanks and assualt guns. The Russians are reorganizing and getting ready for their final push.

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