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The Sword & The Flame, or TSATF as it is known, is one of our most popular and fund games that we play. It is a skirmish game, with platoons of 20 infantry for the British and their allies, or squadrons of 12 mounted troops. Natives are in tribes of 20 men with three tribes forming a clan. D6s are used for movement and D20s for firing, so you can at times be rolling a lot of dice! There are rules covering artillery, machine guns, wounded natives, ammo, and more. You end up with a Hollywood action movie type of game that has a lot of defining moments as well as swings of fortune. We use the Action and Event decks which add even more chaos.

TSATF: Save The Lt.!


Action on the Northwest Frontier

TSAT is always a great group game and in this scenario it was back to the Northwest Frontier. The Queen's favorite 3rd nephew/sister's cousin/uncle's son, etc., is trapped at an outpost and needed to be rescued. His platoon was ambushed with half the men wounded, so they would need some help to make it back down the valley. The Pathans had set up a two sided ambush, but as with all things pathan, their plans don't always come together. The British and Indians devised a plan of attack and pushed through the valley pass, where one of the Pathan tribes came out of hiding too early and in the wrong place (we used die rolls to see if they could hold their ambush positions and then where they would actually appear). What followed was your usual TSATF chaos with wild swings of fortune where it looked like one side or the other could lost at any time. The Sikh Lancers were devastating in their charges and the battery of screw guns saved the day two or three times during the game. The Pathans launched a series of well coordinated attacks but could never close at the right times, plus the event cards kept forcing them to charge their enemies when they wanted to hang back and snipe at them. In the end the British relieved the infantry platoon at the outpost and won the game in fairly close fight.

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