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Battlegroup Panzergrenadier

Battlegroup Panzergrenadier is set of WW2 operational rules that focuses on command & control. Each turn one side or the other will achieve initiative, which will give them higher impetus points than their opponent. These points enable each side to do certain things and even influence command rolls during the turn. Each command stand is activated via command roll, then can perform certain orders for the units that it commands. The combat system is desinged by the amount of firepower put out towards a target, which results in units being supressed, disengaged, or dispersed (eliminated). The system is fairly easy to grasp after a few turns players can generally just use the charts from the game.

German Road Clearing Ops


Late War German Infantry Attack

With only a few of us and getting a late start, this would turn out to be a two night battle where we only had one short night! The scenario was a German attack to seize a hill overlooking a village while at the same time clearing the entire road. The Germans had three companies of infantry with mortars, limited armor support, and some off board artillery. The Russians were entrenched in the tree lines and village, with some T-34s hidden near the hill. The Germans had a very successful opening barrage and made steady progress towards the village and the road. That's where the opposition started and it got heavier as the Germans advanced.

By the time the Germans got to the road the Russians had sprung their trap and counterattacked with the T-34s, which caught the German armor on the wrong side of the board. The Germans tried overrunning the Russian delaying force near the village, but were thrown back after a series of close assaults. The Germans pressed on towards the town, but came under increasing fire from Russian forces. When we had to stop the game the Russians were still in possession of the village and the German reserves were committed. The Russians had suffered quite a few casualties, but were still in command of the objectives, so it was deemed a Russian tactical victory.

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