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WM Ancients

Based off of the popular Warmaster Fantasy rules, this version adds most armies from the Classica, Dark Ages, and Medieval periods. Each unit consists of three stands with a simple, but every effective command and control system that creates a unique level of chaos. Each army is led by a general and several leaders, plus a set number of units that must be in the army, leaving the remaining points up to the players to choose their forces. We use 10mm figures by Old Glory, Magistar Militum, Minifigs, and Kallistra. A 1,000 point army is certainly attainable by most gamers as the cost is not as dramatic as some periods and the 10mm scale has a much faster painting time. We find that WMA and WMM are fast playing, a lot of fun, and is certainly suitable for large groups where we occasionally use up to 2500 points per side.

WMA: Indians vs. Seleucids


Successors Frontier Battle

We haven't played WMA for several months and with four of us available it seemed the perfect time to break it out again. This time it was a 2,000 point per side Seleucids vs Indians battle, which means a lot of stuff on the board as well as a menagerie of different unit types! The Indians were basically a horde, with 12 inifantry and 8 archer units (that's a ton in WMA terms!) plus elephants, cavalry, and chariots. Although most of their stuff is unarmored, you need to kill off quite a few units to have the army break. The Seleucids went with a heavy cavalry option and only one unit of elephants. With a large number of pike units, Thorakites, Imitation Romans, and lots of cavalry, it was a pretty formidable force. both sides moved out pretty fast, except for the Indian center, which essentially stayed in place almost the entire game! The Seleucid right became a death trap, with both sides throwing in units with reckless abandon and after several turns the forces on that flanked were wrecked. The Seleucid right ended as a stalemate while in the center both sides had their elephants cause some major damage before they were eliminated. The game went right down to the wire, with the Seleucids causing the last few stand losses that pushed the Indians over their break point and the game ended as a Seleucid victory. These are two evenly matched forces with completely different fighting styles.

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