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Fire & Fury ACW is a set of rules that allows games to play large battles from the American Civil War. Units are at the brigade level, with each stand representing around 120-160 men and one gun equals a battery of artillery. This means that most brigades will be somewhere between 6-10 stands and sometimes larger for the earlier part of the war. Each unit is given three numbers, representing fresh, worn, and spent status, which governs how the unit performs as it suffers casualties. Movement is done by rolling a D10 then checking varous modifiers to see how far a brigade can move. Each turn represents 30 minutes and the game play is very fast, making it suitable for large groups.

F&F ACW: Battle of Corinth


Desperate Battle in Rough Terain

We finally got back to doing some 15mm ACW by choosing the Battle of Corinth. We were pressed for time since we were playing at a local store, so we didn't even try to put out the large number of roads on the map, but instead used the road pieces to represent the rail lines in the area, which were a prominent feature. The large green pieces with trees on them did a good job of representing the rough terrain in the area and allow for the movement of the figures.

This was a particularly nasty fight in horrible terrain and the South wasn't helped by the fact that their two cavalry brigades were attached to infantry divisions with nowhere to deploy in the woods! The Confederate forces had a difficult time moving up and getting into position for attack and the Union right counterattacked, which delayed coordination of the Confederate assault. There were attacks, counterattacks, plus huge successes mixed in with disasters, which were definitely a trademark of ACW battles in general. Although the Confederates broke through in several places, the simply could not reinforce any success during the entire game. By the end of the night the Confederate attack was halted on Turn 10 as there was no way to penetrate the Union defenses, so the game ended as a Union victory.

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