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Battles for Empire

Battles For Empire 2nd edition is an operational scale set of Victorian era colonial rules suitable for the Zulu War, Sudan campaigns, Northwest Frontier, Boxer Rebellion, and other conflicts of the era. Most units are four bases strong, representing a company of infantry or squadron of cavalry and the rules are suitable for all miniature scales. The movement system has a Fire & Fury feel to it, with each unit rolling on a chart to see how far they move and/or if they rally from combat results. The charts do a great job os simulating sudden native rushes that were a critical aspect of colonial warfare. Our group uses 15mm figures, but we base them on 25mm stands, which gives each infantry or cavalry unit 24 figures, which seems to look very good on the tabletop. RIght now we only have armies for the Sudan, but are looking at other wars.

BFE2: Relief of a Fort


Close Run Imperial Victory in the Desert

Why we don't play BFE2 more is beyond us, but this was another great game where the Dervishes and their Fuzzy allies certainly had their chances. The scenario was the relief of an Egyptian fort that was besieged by the Mahdist forces and we used the random reinforement rules for the part of the Mahdist army that had been shadowing the British relief column. The column was made up of three commands and showed the different styles of the players as commanders with one moving up in square while the other created flying columns to reach the fort. The Mahdi's army struck first, launching a series of well coordinated ambushes and attacks that wiped out the Egyptian and British cavalry. Numerous other attacks forced low ammo results on several British units, but the natives could never quite press the advantage and a few units were simply overwhelmed by the British firepower. Still, the Mahdi's army kept up the pressure, but an Egyptian camel unit reached the fort, which triggered the evacuation and a long column of civilians with escorts moved towards the British square, which would shield them off the board. A fast moving and fun game that ended as an Imperial victory. Next time we'll see how an early war Egyptian/Sudanese force does on a mission as they are always unpredictable!

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